Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, concentrates 2 out of every 5 inhabitants of the country. It has 1.3 million inhabitants who live in an area of ​​530 km2.

In 2017, the Municipality of Montevideo created the Executive Unit for Resilience. This Unit, in collaboration with Resilient Cities Network, implemented a participatory process with stakeholders from different sectors of the city to design the Resilience Strategy. The main challenges identified through the process were:

As a result, the Montevideo Resilience Strategy has the following axes:

– Connected and dynamic city

– Inclusive and supportive city

– Innovative and co-creative city

– Committed and prepared city

Impact Montevideo Challenge

In 2020, the Municipality of Montevideo, Resilient Cities Network,  Avina Foundation and the IDB-Lab, with the support of Citi Foundation, opened the call for the Impact Montevideo Challenge.

The challenge focused on Economic Reactivation based in a circular model to support the economic recovery as a response to the economic impacts of the global pandemic of COVID-19. This was an opportunity to reactivate the economy fostering a circular economy that minimize the shocks and stresses of Montevideo as a city that depends of imports.

The challenge was launched in August and shared in the social networks of the participating organizations.

The eligibility criteria for the challenge were:

Competition: Specific proposals based on new projects, forms of implementation, methodologies, products, or innovative technology, to foster economic reactivation during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as contribute to circular economy of Montevideo.

Scope: Individuals and/or legal entities, in collaboration with companies, universities, foundations, NGOs and other stakeholders of entrepreneurship and innovation, without distinction of gender, ethnicity, race, age, etc.

Type of solutions:  Solutions in idea phase, designed, or implemented as pilot project. They must present a clear definition of ​​the problem, an implementation strategy, a budget plan that covers the expenses, and information on the sustainability of their proposal and its ability to replicate and scale.


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Arenas de Vidrio initiative explodes the potential of the glass and uses it in the construction sector.

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