Speaker Series #30 – Resilience Leadership

Nov 2020

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Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series

#30 – Resilience Leadership (November 12, 2020)

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For sixteen weeks during the start of the pandemic, The Resilience Shift, in partnership with the Resilient Cities Network, brought together diverse senior leaders from corporations, the World Bank and Chief Resilience Officers from five cities across the globe to answer those questions, take part in an experimental programme of weekly reflective conversations. Real-time insights from these conversations were captured week by week, following the personal and professional journey that each individual took during this challenging time.

This session explored how reflective learning makes better leaders, as well as the insights and lessons for leadership when dealing with a major crisis.


Craig Kesson
Executive Director, Chief Data Officer and Chief Resilience Officer, City of Cape Town

“I hold a leadership title, but it’s something different to exercise leadership in a moment of such uncertainty. Leadership and its attributes have to be distributed in a coalition, while ensuring that SOMEONE has to give direction.”

Elaine Roberts
Chief Marketing Officer, Lloyd’s Register Group

“I’m thinking about leadership as a leader of a business, leader of people, and leader of myself. Showing up in the right way and then bringing that to your leadership of people is essential to resilience.”

Peter Willis
Project Lead, Resilient Leadership in Crisis

“How can we do something that captures the ethos of just listening to others’ experiences, while at the same time being there for the people who need support during COVID.”

Peter Willis’ presentation

Seth Schultz
Executive Director, The Resilience Shift

“Leadership isn’t just ‘it’s all fine, we’re going to get it done.’ Leadership is balancing stability and authority with #vulnerability to validate your team’s experience in a crisis so they know they aren’t alone.”

Seth Schultz’s presentation

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