Welcome to the Urban Exchange: Resilient Cities Network and SmartCitiesWorld Launch a Partnership and Podcast featuring Mayors and Solutions

Written by Resilient Cities Network
Wednesday, 06 October 2021


(SINGAPORE, October 06, 2021) 

SmartCitiesWorld and the Resilient Cities Network are announcing a partnership to accelerate the contributions of smart technologies to the urban resilience agenda ahead of COP26 in Glasgow. The partnership kicks off with the launch of a podcast – the Urban Exchange – featuring original dialogue with Mayors and City Leaders who are advancing practical solutions for building urban resilience. Each episode promises to provide listeners ideas that can be deployed for tangible results in communities.

The Urban Exchange podcast, emerging from the Resilient Cities Network’s pioneering Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series, will deliver essential insight into what cities are doing to build resilience to climate and other shocks and stresses. City leaders discuss, alongside an industry expert practitioner, key insights and opportunities on the road to project implementation, such as suggestions for supporting vulnerable communities, opportunities for partnerships that make significant strides for energy transition, and the incredible promise of technology to help target investments that deliver results.

The podcast is co-hosted by Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director of the Resilient Cities Network and member of SmartCitiesWorld Advisory Board, and Paul Wilson, Chairman of SmartCitiesWorld’s Advisory Board. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, both members of the Resilient Cities Network Board, lead the series, produced with support from the World Bank’s City Resilience Program, a co-architect of Cities on the Frontline.

“Cities who prioritize equity and opportunity in building smart cities are more resilient. We know that data, applications of technology, and virtual reality spaces are essential in developing solutions to address shocks and stresses. By intentionally leveraging tech for good, we can create safer and more equitable cities,” said Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director Resilient Cities Network. “The SmartCitiesWorld team shares our commitment to finding new and exciting ways to bring global knowledge to bear and to identify solutions that assist cities in building long-term urban resilience.”

Chris Cooke, Founder and CEO of SmartCitiesWorld said, “the Resilient Cities Network’s ethos matches our own – to share ideas that help solve urban challenges and make where we live better, healthier, greener and more resourceful. We want to underline the importance and raise the profile of urban resilience and sustainability, and provide city leaders, their teams, and partners with actionable knowledge to help them improve and protect the lives of their citizens. Lauren’s knowledge and leadership on sustainable finance, climate risk and urban resilience has been a source of inspiration during SmartCitiesWorld’s Advisory Board meetings. She shares our goal of helping cities make a difference, and I am delighted that our organisations are coming together to grow our global networks and offer more to our professional communities.”

The partnership between SmartCitiesWorld and the Resilient Cities Network aims to provide quality information and insight, supporting city leaders and their partners to make cities smarter, safer, more resilient, sustainable, and prosperous places in which citizens and businesses can thrive.

“City leaders are truly on the frontline. They play a key role when it comes to shaping solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time,” said Francis Ghesquiere, Practice Manager at the World Bank representing the City Resilience Program, which has been supporting R-Cities and Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series since its inception. “There isn’t one recipe on how to build resilience in cities. The only way forward is through continuous learning, sharing of ideas, case studies, and best practices. We are committed to supporting this new partnership because it will help document and share practical solutions for cities around the globe.”


SmartCitiesWorld provides a quality, comprehensive and current global content resource for urban leaders and their partners.  

More than 1,000,000 visitors from the public and private sectors around the world used our website in the last year, accessing insight into core smart city topics such as connectivity and data, energy and the environment, governance and the citizen, mobility, and urban space. The information we provide via our online platform and through our events offers inspiration, education and validation for city administrations and private organisations looking to solve urban challenges.


Resilient Cities Network is the world’s leading urban resilience network. Present in more than 100 cities, 40 countries, and 6 continents, R-Cities is a global city-led nonprofit organization that brings together knowledge, practice, partnerships, and funding to empower cities to build a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

For more information on Resilient Cities Network www.resilientcitiesnetwork.org


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