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Buenos Aires’s resilience journey

Buenos Aires is the political, economic, and institutional heart of Argentina. However, the city faces growing challenges from social and economic inequality. Buenos Aires’s informal settlements now house over 250,000 residents, while the gap between rich and poor in employment and life expectancy continues to widen.

Changing weather patterns over the last 50 years have resulted in increased heavy rainfall and flooding, which cause significant physical and economic loss. Flooding puts more pressure on Buenos Aires’s urban infrastructure, which can cause power, water, and telephone outages that hamper recovery. The city has acted by developing a new Hydraulic Planning Master Plan, with significant investments in the urban drainage system, while a Hydrometeorological Monitoring Network aims to increase preparedness and reduce emergency response times.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

David Groisman

Director of Resilience and General Director of Strategic Management

David Groisman is Director of Resilience and General Director of Strategic Management at the Government of Buenos Aires, where he leads the development, promotion, and coordination of transversal cross initiatives ensuring the effective completion of the government administration’s strategic priorities.

Prior to becoming Director of Resilience in 2015, David was a consultant on performance management, governance, and strategic planning for international organizations and local NGOs, including The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank among others, from 2013 to 2015.

David was Coordinator of Politics and the Government Management Program at the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) from 2008 to 2011, carrying out several projects on dashboard implementation. Before this, he worked at the National Board of Social Politics Coordination with the SINTyS (Tax and Social National Identification System) in charge of managing and monitoring the Provincial Coordinating Units, and as a coordinator for the computerization and digitalization of the program of the Provinces’ registry offices.

David is an economist and is a candidate for a master’s degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Buenos Aires.

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