Salvador’s resilience journey

Salvador is a vibrant coastal city with strong shipping, industrial manufacturing, and tourism sectors. An influx of domestic migration has taxed public services including education, healthcare, and transportation, while the ensuing overpopulation has increased unemployment, informal settlements, and poverty. New initiatives have been created to increase foreign investment to expand job opportunities, while a government agency has been created to provide job training and assist in connecting employers with residents searching for work.

Salvador experiences regular heavy rainfall that can lead to devastating urban landslides. In the last 10 years, Municipal Civil Defense and other government agencies have assisted in over 19,000 landslide-related occurrences, providing support to rebuild property and in many cases to relocate citizens. Further engineering work is under way with federal support to stabilize landslide-prone neighborhoods, but rapid population growth increases the possibility of future risks.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Tainara Ferreira

Chief Resilience Officer at the Salvador City Hall, Tainara Ferreira served in the Municipal Council between (2013-2019). In September 2019, she assumed the Board of Health Promotion and Animal Protection (DIPA) of the Municipal Health Department where she participated in the construction of the 1st Public Veterinary Hospital of Salvador, the signing of an agreement with the HOSPVET of UFBA for free veterinary care, among other animal protection policies.
Currently in charge of the Resilience Office, she participated in the calendar of the Environment Week 2022 and manages the strategic planning for Resilient Salvador. She is deeply concern with the sustainable development of the city, fostering a deeper understanding of the city’s challenges in terms of socio-environmental risks, and opportunities, particularly in terms of its rich and plural culture.
Tainara Ferreira has a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and is a graduate student in Gender and Diversity Studies at the School of Philosophy and Human Sciences at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).

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